Growing From Within

Thriving communities rely on a skilled workforce. Our workforce strategy focuses on building our people from within to directly support the needs of regional employers.

San Antonio students get on-the-job experience through the SA Works internship program.

Over 30K
Higher-Ed Grads
Each Year


over 1.2M active laborforce

Nearly 200k skilled veterans in S.A.
(55K more than national avg.)
Industry-Led People Development
We work directly with employers, education and training providers, and workforce organizations to build and strengthen the programs that make our people career ready.

Apprenticeships help you to build your career with real work experience.

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Real life experience
grows interest
and understanding
of career options.
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Every summer,
more than 1,000
students gain
valuable work
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Hundreds of
STEM teachers
get hands-on
experience from
industry each year.
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Connects students
and professionals
to learn about
career paths and
honing skills.
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Growing together
Greater San Antonio employers know the value of work-based learning. Here are a few of the incredible companies leading the way:

Small Business Res Kevin Voelkel,
President, Toyota
Motor Manufacturing,
Texas, Inc.
“Greater San Antonio is strong and resilient because of our people. Our inclusive culture, diverse economy, and growing workforce sustain us.”
Small Business Res Stanislas Vilgrain,
Cuisine Solutions
Chairman & CEO
“San Antonio has an industrious and enthusiastic workforce that we’ll tap into to help support our growth and meet the increasing demand for our restaurant-quality products."
Small Business Res Kate Rogers,
Charles Butt
“Our economy is strengthened by people. Together, if we focus on building people, we can build the economy and create opportunity for every family to be upwardly mobile.”
Small Business Res Peter John Holt,
“The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation and SA Works — our community’s primary workforce development agency — have put a renewed focus on talent development that has made San Antonio a model for the integration of economic and workforce development programs.”
Education & Training Partners
SAEDF partners with programs that provide training and resources that will prepare students for careers in target industries.

Small Business Res Located in the heart of the medical
center, students get a unique
experience, prepping them for
Health Careers medical careers.
Small Business Res High school students gain
alamo academies college-level
STEM training.
Small Business Res Industry-led public high schools
preparing students for careers in
cast schools tech and
medical fields.
Small Business Res Rackspace hosts intensive hands-on
training for people ready for a career in
Open Cloud Academy tech and cyber.
Small Business Res #1 Cyber Security
Degree Program
in the U.S.
UTSA and Home to the Center of
Manufacturing and Lean Systems.
Small Business Res Web development
boot camp
codeup with an 80% job placement
rate for graduates.
Small Business Res Community
college system
Alamo Colleges that educates the largest share
of San Antonio’s future workforce.
Small Business Res those exploring new Alamo District
Career Coach
A resource for whether they are in school
or returning to school.
Small Business Res no-cost
and more.
Solutions Alamo
Offers a variety of services including
Small Business Res advanced
TX FAME Specialized training prepares
workers for careers in

Grow your Career in SATX

We believe that every San Antonian should have the opportunity to grow a great career in our community. The Occupational Mobility Explorer from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia helps workers build career growth opportunities, explore how their skills transfer from one occupation to a similar role, and develop a personal career plan that leads to higher-paying positions in San Antonio. The tool also helps employers develop incumbent workforce upskilling plans and identify industries with transferable skills for job seeker recruitment.

Use the interactive tool to build your career path, compare your skills, and view the top occupation transitions in the San Antonio region to grow a higher-paying career.

Build Your Path


Mind The Gap, a new workforce forum led by SA Works Executive Director Romanita Matta-Barrera highlights some of the most pressing issues in workforce, industry, education, and the future of work. The series brings local, state, and national guests to share their expertise surrounding key workforce matters.

The first session, Safety in the Workplace, featured a powerhouse all-female panel from Valero, Texas Mutual, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas and H-E-B discussing the organizations' respective policies and measures taken to ensure safety best practices for both on-site and off-site employees. 

Work with us on your future

Apprenticeships help you to build your career with real work experience. 

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Digital Creative INstitute

Learn about the value of apprenticeships through the eyes of DCI's Apprentices.

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TX Fame

Apprenticeships offered through TX FAME provide training to build a talented workforce in manufacturing. 

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UTSA offers resources to connect you with apprenticeship programs in S.A.

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Alamo Colleges District

Information Technology apprenticeships in 11 occupations prepare you for a successful career.

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SA Works

SAEDF believes in talent-led economic development. Our workforce development team has been recognized nationally as a best-practice organization. We bring companies to the table to ensure our people are career-ready now and in the future.
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