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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are just some of the ways advanced manufacturing and modern skilled trades are at the forefront of product innovation.

People Make America: Southwest Research Institute is pushing technology boundaries by working with robotics to support innovative solutions.



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Seize the opportunity

San Antonio is home to cutting edge manufacturers making cool stuff. Take a look at a few industry-leading employers that are hiring today.

Slide Boeing pushes boundaries of science and technology to develop innovative solutions and improve human health and safety. Slide Division Laundry & Cleaners is one of the largest minority- and family-owned commercial laundry cleaners in the state of Texas, providing commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service. Slide Helmy Plastics has manufactured creative and custom thermoforming solutions for clients for over 28 years. Slide Knight Aerospace is a design, manufacturing, and modification center dedicated to providing reliable and functional products and services to the aircraft industry. Slide Franks Manufacturing is a family- owned and operated business specializing in heavy gauge, high volume thermoforming and custom plastic products. Slide With a focus on quality installations, prompt or early completions, and innovative, cost-effective solutions, Alterman continues to offer a superior level of customer service.

More than a workshop

Manufacturers today use all new skill sets to build complex products using technology. Your hobbies and interests might just a be a perfect match for the industry.


Manufacturing Matters

Without the work of San Antonio innovators at Datapoint who created the internet we know today, you might not be visiting this website. Seriously. Your big idea could be America's newest invention, just like these San Antonio innovators.

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like the team at USAA that pioneered mobile banking

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like David Monroe who invented the
cell phone camera

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like Lt. Benjamin Foulois who flew the first military flight in San Antonio

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with Knight Aerospace turning aircraft into mobile hospital units

Still unsure? SA Works offers internships, job shadows, and youth-focused programs throughout the year.

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